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Booking On Vagaro

Let's get started.

Let me take the stress out of your first visit by guiding you through my booking process.


Hello Again

I am so excited to start this journey together! I know that trying out a new stylist can be scary and I am here to make you feel comfortable and excited for all of the amazing things to come! A thorough consultation is the first and most important part of the process to be sure we are on the same page. My goal is for you to feel like the most confident version of yourself when you leave my chair. The first step is to fill out a New Guest Form. 
What to expect after you book with me.
I'll be notified as soon as you fill out the 'New Guest Form.' I'll take a look at your request and reach out personally to answer any questions I may have after reviewing your information.

Before filling out the new guest form, take a few minutes to find some inspiration pictures. The form will ask you a series of questions about what you're wanting to achieve, your current hair care routine, and color history. Together we will map out a short term and long term plan for your hair goals. 

Our salon is bright and welcoming and I just know that you'll love it as much as I do! 

When you arrive at the salon

When you arrive at Salon 12:7 you can come right in. I will greet you at the door and show you to my station. If you have a jacket or purse I will show you where you can put them.

We will then have a thorough consultation where we go over your goals for today and look at some pictures together to be sure that we are on the same page. Once we have come up with a plan of action I will offer you a glass of wine or coffee and a snack and then we will begin the service. Feel free to talk with me if you'd like or if you'd rather scroll the 'gram or catch up on some work, that is perfectly okay as well.

After you are done processing (if you're in for color), I will take you back to our shampoo room where you can enjoy heated massage chairs while you sit back and let me give you a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. Once we have finished there, I will bring you back to my chair where I will give you a gorgeous blowout and style of your choice. I will be sure to explain what I'm doing as I go so that you can re-create your new look at home as well. I will also explain what products I am using and why I am using them. 

We will complete the service by taking some instagram worthy photos of your new hair (if that's okay with you of course) and getting you rebooked for your maintenance appointment. If you enjoyed your experience I would love it if you leave my business a review on google. 

Still not finding what you're looking for?

Click the button below to send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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