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Traditional Services

Custom Color

All Over Color- $70+

One single color all over. Includes 4oz of color. 

Color Retouch- $55+

One color applied at the roots only. Roots grown out more than an inch would be considered an all over color. Includes 3oz of color.

Color & Foils- $135+

Highlights with color in between the foils. Includes 4oz of lightener and 4oz of color.

Hair Cuts

1 Hour Haircut- $27

Includes wash and blowdry.

1 hour 15 minute haircut- $34

Includes wash and blowdry.

Kid's Cut (12 & under)- $20

Includes wash and blowdry.

Add on style- $15

Classic Foils

Full Highlight or Lowlight- $90+

Full head of foils spaced further apart to create pops of brightness or depth. Includes 4oz of lightener and 3oz of toner.

Color + Highlights- $125+

Foils with color in between them. Includes 4oz of color and 4oz of lightener. 

Partial Highlight/Lowlight- $80+

Half head of foils. Includes 2 oz of color and 2oz of toner.

Face Frame- $45+

Foils around the hairline to create brightness around the face. Includes 2oz of lightener and 1oz of toner.

Add On's & Treatments

Olaplex Add On- $25+

Olaplex used in the salon is a 2-step bond building system. It creates and strengthens the disulfide bonds in the hair. It can be added on to any lightening or color service. (This will be automatically included in lightening services if the hair is compromised at all) Includes first 2 bowls and each additional bowl is $10

Olaplex Standalone Treatment- $45+

Treatment that repairs and builds bonds in chemically or mechanically damaged hair. Includes blow-dry.

Pre-Treat- $35+

Clarifying treatment that removes build-up from hard water minerals, products, chlorine and other environmental stressors. Includes blow-dry.

Deep Conditioning Mask- $25+

Hydrating mask to replace moisture in dry hair. Includes blow-dry.

Heat Styling- $15+

Curls, waves or straightening.

Color Style- $10+

Curls or waves after a color service.

*Please note that prices listed are starting prices and can go up depending on length and density of hair. Pictures posted are a general idea, results will vary depending on starting canvas.

Specialty Services


Balayage is a hand painted technique that creates a graduated, natural looking highlight effect. This is not for those looking to get super bright in one session. Extreme brightness will require multiple sessions. Includes 4oz of lightener and 3oz of toner.


Foilayage is a combination of foils and balayage. Like balayage the hair is hand painted and placed in foils for maximum lift. This technique creates vibrant, seamless strands of color. Includes 4oz of lightener and 3oz of toner. 


Babylights are a techniqe where foils are packed in back to back and super fine weaves/sections are utilized to get maximum blended brightness. This service is more time consuming then classic foils. Includes 4oz of lightner and 3oz of toner.

Full- $110+
Partial- $100+

Double Process/Vivids


This is for those booking a total transformation like Vivids or a color correction. It is easier to charge hourly since I don't know how much product or time will be used. The hourly rate includes all color needed to complete (color) the service. (lightener, color, toner, etc.) Free consultation is required to book this service.


Specialty Add-On's

Shadow Root- $35+

Darker color applied at the root for a softer grow out and maximum longevity in between sessions

Root Tap- $30+

Slightly darker color applied at the root to blend foil lines and create a seamless blend. 

Olaplex- $25+

Bond building treatment to repair damaged bonds and protect the hair during lightening. (This service is automatically included if the hair is compromised at all.)

Extra Color Bowl- $15

If your hair is long/thick and we need to use extra color/lightener.

*Please note that prices listed are starting prices and can go up depending on length and density of hair. Pictures posted are a general idea, results will vary depending on starting canvas.

Hair Extensions

Extensions are a luxury service that can completely transform your look. This service will vary in price depending on your goals and current hair. If you would like to learn more about hair extensions, schedule an extension consultation today on my booking site and choose 'Tape in extension consultation.'

Make-up Services

30 min application - $35*

A free consultation must be scheduled first in order to book this appointment.

(If you're interested in purchasing Seint makeup from me then head over to the Seint Makeup tab and fill out my free Color Match form.)
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